Chop and Run Task for September!

Here it is... the Chop and Run Task for September:

The gnarliest sticker bomb!

So, we've just had a new sticker and tshirt design printed up ready to go for tattoo expo... but guess what, we have an extra 1000... yes thats right, a THOUSAND stickers to give out to you guys to go and slap in the most daring, creative and hard to reach place you can find. Hannah thought she'd get the ball rolling by sticker bombing the inside of a toilet at the Annandale, and Tommy got a not-so-impressed phone call from the Annandale Maccas management kindly asking him to not sticker bomb their pastry display again... who can top that?! But remember, keep it legal!

Y'all should know the rules, and to all those newbys, the rules are posted on the blog a little futher down.

Get slapping!