Voodoo, World Beard Day and Tattoo Expo, Oh My!

And now... the announcement you've all been waiting for...

Tommy is heading to Voodoo Tattoo in Gosford for ONE day next week! So all you Guys and Dolls up that way that have been hanging to get your tresses treated, this is your chance! First in best dressed, keeping it old school!

Also... 5 days before the Perth Tattoo Expo!! We're so excited, the chair and the tools have been shipped, and the countdown is on. This is the first time Tommy has been over to that side of the country, so all you WA folk feel free to suggest places to eat, sights to check out, and all the happening things going on. We'll also have a new range of shirts and stickers on hand so grab some fresh merch while you get a crisp snip!

So y'all should be aware that we've been dropping hints as to our little event we've been tucked away brainstorming for... well, we're now ready to start spreading the love and have announced an expression of interest to all you bearded men out there who would be willing to get involved. You must be comfortable with being in front of the camera and getting a little loosey goosey all for charity's sake. If this sounds like something you'd be up for, flick us a fb message, email or check out the post above. Rad!

Who's excited about World Beard Day?  We know Hannah is....

How could anyone resist The Beards, Gay Paris AND Jackson Firebird all in one place at one time?!

Unfortunately, this falls the same weekend as Tattoo Expo, and as much as Tommy would love to go along and support... he can't be in two places at the same time... (lame) 
Tix are still available, so head on down for a cracker of a good time! Ladies, I hear there is a bearded kissing booth! :D

Get on it!

Just a little reminder to everyone as well, and to the folks that didnt get the momo, the event has MOVED VENUES!!

Its now being held at Manning Bar, unfortunately the Annandale cannot hold the amount of people that are expected to come along. Its a real shame, but Manning Bar will be a rad venue for this to take place. Hope to see a lot of you there!