World Beard Day, Chop and Run, Sailor Jerry and Matty Dillon...

I think everyone will agree when I say that winter is definitely over. Its an amazing day, the sun is out, its f*cking HOT and the ciders have already begun to pour. 

I will take this opportunity to let all you dudes in on a little advice. I can only imagine how hot it must feel in summer with a glorious, thick beard on your face. But before you go considering shaving it off for summer, remember this: Shaving your beard is going to give you as much relief from the heat as shaving your balls. So shave your balls not your beard. We'd really appreciate if all you glorious men could savor that facial fur for just a little longer than the official beard season. I'll tell you why soon, but it'll be worth it ;)

The wonderful dudes from Sailor Jerry are doing excellent things over in KingsX over the next couple of weeks, and, you guessed it... we'll be there chopping and snipping and shaving and keeping all you smashing young chaps looking sharp. They've got heaps going on over the next 5 weeks, go check it out here!

I always get a kick off how much you guys dig our little Chop and Run challenges. Already I've received so many photos of our stickers being slapped in risque places. Keep it up dudes! We've still got about 800 stickers to be distributed among you all! And don't forget the rules, get it done by the end of the month to get your free snip!

Sorry to cut this short, but we've had a ridiculous day in the salon and its nearly time to let loose for WORLD BEARD DAY!!
Seriously, a bearded kissing booth?? How could I resist?!

Stay gnarly Guys and Dolls, hope to see a bunch of you around tonight!

Hannah :)

Ps, Matty Dillon is cool.