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Words by Matt Huxley
WITH winter sadly on the brink of leaving us, it’s time to de-hair, and get our new summer cuts sorted. So who better to discuss all things hair with than with a world renowned barber? I had a chat with Tommy J to discuss experience, products and everything you need to know about hair.
MM: Hey Tommy, how are you?
I’m doing very well, thanks!
Tell us about your first barber experience.
It’s hard to pinpoint my first barbering experience as I’ve been lucky enough to have so many great moments but my first real career highlight was a Tattoo Expo in 2010.
My greatest barbering experience however, was on a Saturday morning where it was the first time every single chair in the shop was full and we had clients lining up, waiting for haircuts.
It was a moment where my team and I felt we had made it. To celebrate, Phil from my team poured us all a shot, we toasted a cheer and then kept cutting! To this day, it’s one of the biggest highlights in my career and I couldn’t have done it without my team.
What do you think is the most versatile haircut for a man to have?
Short back and sides with a side part is the most common and versatile cut we do in the barber shop and is probably one of my favourites to cut. It can be worn natural, messy or slick.
What are your go to hair style products?
I’m a massive fan of the Uppercut Deluxe range; their products suit the barber shop to a T!
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is my favourite product, there’s nothing like the slick crispness this product gives a style or cut.
What is your favourite part about your profession?
My favourite part of the profession is being able to wake up every day and have the freedom to be creative at my own will. Being a barber, I interact with different people each day, broadening the horizons of so many different aspects of my life.
As a small business owner, I feel I’ve reached the level in my career where I realise barbering is a profession. It’s no longer a job for me but rather a lifestyle and one that I’d highly recommend for anyone to give a go. I have a great crew who stand behind and support me and in turn, I’m able to help guide and shape their careers.
Associating myself with companies such as Uppercut Deluxe has allowed me to travel and meet some of the greatest barbers in the world including fellow Uppercut Deluxe Ambassadors, Dane ‘Pig Barber’ Hesse from USA and Luke Dolan from Luke’s Barbers Shop in the UK.
Run us through a day in your life.
A day in the life of Tommy J –
6am – Wake up and hit the gym with a bunch of buddies.
8am – Shower, get dressed and jump on my motorcycle and ride to work in Redfern.
9am – Hang the open sign on the Barber Shop door, enjoy a coffee, check my emails and sweep the shop ready for the day ahead.
Soon after, the crew and clients start rolling in, hair starts getting chopped and the phone keeps buzzing away for majority of the day.
5pm – We try to wrap up for the day however we do have our late nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when we are open till 8pm.
Every day is different. One day we could be off to do a show and the next we could be booking flights to travel interstate. The possibilities are endless and I guess that’s why my job is so exciting!
You’ve been associated with Uppercut Deluxe for a little while now, what is it about their products that you love so much?
From the Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm that has just hit the shelf to their styling range, Uppercut Deluxe seems to have covered all bases in the barbering world.
They’re an extremely versatile company and are constantly on the forefront of the Men’s grooming movement. They’re coming out with products that seem to be ticking all the right boxes.
What would be your advice for anyone looking to get into the hair industry?
Be prepared to work hard and be clear on what you want to achieve, as the hairdressing and barbering world is not an easy career. My best advice would be to go to your local barber, get a haircut and have a good chin wag with him. See if you can do some work experience, you never know, you just might love it, I do.
Time for our rapid fire series… get ready!
Moustache’s: yes or no?
Scissors or shaver?
Favourite Tim Tam flavour?
The most underrated haircare product is?
Hair spray
Thanks for your time Tommy!
Thank you!
uppercut deluxe ambassadors
Luke Dolan, Dane Hesse and Tommy J
UK , USA,  AUSTRALIA Ambassadors for Uppercut Deluxe at
Hair By Tommy J's Redfern

Tommy J Teaches at the London School of Barbering

Graduate barber battle – Uppercut Deluxe – Tommy J

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Barber Tommy J Heath mastered his trade at a young age and he’s a stickler for style – one very particular style............
The shop has been open in Redfern for around four years, ............

Heath says the sport "was a massive part of my life, from ten years old to about 23. I played for Lismore Hawks, I played for Queensland and I represented Australia when I was 17.” He got into hairdressing at age 14, when he learned “everything from roller sets to quiffs” and now he’s hired to set up shop at events like the Tattoo Expos, Laneway Festival and the Rolling Stone Awards.

“I haven’t 'worked' in 17 years," he says. "If there’s a day when I wake up and it feels like a job, I’ll shut up shop.”.................. I think the main thing that’s changed is people’s perspective of Redfern. It’s not as dangerous as people make it out to be.”
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Hair by Tommy J For Guys & Dolls - Redfern New South Wales, Australia

Back in March this year, Alex and I went to the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo at the Royal Hall of Industries – right next to the Hordern Pavillion. For those of you too young to know, the ‘Hordern’ was where people of our vintage went to see big concert acts like AC/DC, The Angels, Duran Duran, New Order, Cold Chisel and MANY MORE …Anyway, back to the Tattoo Expo. Wandering the halls of the Exhibition we were surrounded by lots of people searching for the ‘look’ they really wanted in body art. We were all surrounded by wall-to-wall tattoo artists demonstrating their skills and we were amazed at the level of skill and artistry being achieved in Sydney. First class, if not world leading stuff. Really impressive artists creating incredible art and looks for people.But what really caught my eye was a booth at the far wall of the Exhibition. In that booth were two old fashioned barbers chairs, like the ones the Italian barber my Mum used to drag me too had. And there in the booth standing over those chairs were two people cutting hair with such flair that I was immediately hooked.Ever since leaving New York last year, I have been looking for a hair stylist here in Sydney that ‘gets’ the look that I want. And what I want is a retro chic 1960’s look. That’s the ‘look’ I wanted and I finally found it. The barbers names – Tommy and AJ of Hair by Tommy J in George St Redfern. 
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