Rebel Wolf!

I've been staring at this computer screen for the better part of an hour trying to sum up our week into a condensed blog post... Its harder than you'd think!

So many big things are coming our way over the next few months. We've got a new line of shirts and stickers currently being printed. It still blows my mind how quick the first run of shirts went out the door, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you guys are out there repping our shop and what we're all about. I cannot wait to show you the new line, but I've gotta keep it a secret till after the Perth Tattoo Expo (bugger)

Speaking of, that's creeping up on us reeeeeally soon! Who is going to come and get a snip and show us some love!?

Our favourite Lady Dog, Bella has been a sick little puppy the past couple of weeks. She's been spending heaps of time in the salon with us hanging out and getting heaps of cuddles and belly rubs. Come in and show her some love at your next appointment, fingers and toes crossed the vet can find what is making her so sick and we can start treatment, We love her and miss her loving lady personality. 

Also, a big shoutout to everyone who has had their hair snipped by our new barber Matt. He's settled in really well to the shop and is building a great return clientele  Thanks to all you guys for being rad, we know how scary it can be to leave your beloved tresses in the hands of someone new.

Is there anything Povi can't do? Really? On top of his already busy schedule of design and signwriting, he's somehow managed to find the time to release a clothing line.

Rebel Wolf Clothing Co, go check them out on facebook, instagram and at the next car show/alternative market, or rockabilly gig.

Give them some love!  

Keep being rad guys and dolls, we'll see you really soon!

Lots of love and glitter, Hannah :)