Our Pretty Lady (and other things)

As some of our clients will already know, we've lost a very loved member of the Guys and Dolls Family.

This week, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful lady dog, Bella.

She is very missed and we want to take this opportunity to say thankyou to everyone who has shown their love and support for us during this time. You guys rock.

We love you Bella :) 

We've had a big week this week, both personally and professionally. Thanks so much to everyone who came in to the shop over the weekend while Tommy was away being glamorous and partying it up in Melbourne. Matt tried extra hard to squeeze as many as you in as possible, but there is only so much one barber can do. To anyone that missed out on getting an appointment on the weekend you know what to do! Come in to the shop or give us a call.  Rad.

The Perth edition of Tattoo Expo is quickly approaching! The flights have been booked and the dates have been set. We're so excited to be heading over to that side of the country and meeting some of our cool supporters over there! I wonder how many new tattoo's will be invested in while we're over there.....  Be sure to pop on over and show us some love :)

We're also doing a pop up shop at the next Jurassic Lounge at the Museum in October. This should be heaps of fun... Dinosaurs!! Seriously, that's all I should need to say right? Oh, btw. Cuts will be HALF the price they are in shop... so y'all should definitely come down for a discounted snip... deets are Here.

Boy golly have we got a huge announcement for you guys in the months to come! I've been tucked away planning a super secret, super huge event for you guys to come along to. Stay tuned, the most exciting part is I will need your involvement for it to happen!

We've heard some shocking news about one of our favourite Doll's immacualte Valiant being stolen from the front of her home on Friday morning. If anyone has seen Buster, or has any information that could help us get her back to her owner, please pass it on to here. All our fellow car owners and lovers will understand the pain and frustration of having your pride and joy taken from you, after having put countless hours of work into them. 

Stay gnarly Dudes and Dolls,

Hannah :)