Perth Tattoo Expo!

My favourite question I get asked by the younger generation would have to be "Do tattoo's hurt?"

And my answer is, of course they fucking do.

I remember asking the same question when I was just a youngin'. I frequently got told that they didn't, and to stop being a girl (easier said than done, since I so happen to be a girl) But lets face it, they fucking hurt. Anyone that says they don't is a big fat liar.

Its so rad to see how the tattoo industry has grown in to such a widely accepted lifestyle. I get inspired when the younger generation ask about tattoo's and are genuinely interested in the artwork and story's that go along with them.

It makes us so proud to be a part of the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo for 4 years in a row now, which promotes tattoo acceptance, and supports the artists in the industry.

We feel that the styles we give our clients aren't just haircuts, they go along with the lifestyle.

We'll be going along to the Perth Tattoo and Body Art Expo next month. All our interstate followers should pop over and show us some love. We've got a new batch of stickers and tshirts for you guys, with fresh new artwork, so get your grubby little mitts on them!

We also have an extra special event we've been planning up our sleeves. We're still yet to finalize dates and a couple of other relatively important factors before we can announce the big news to you guys, but of course we'll keep you posted!

Stay loose. H.