Unky Tommy!

Congratulations Uncle Tommy! Earlier this week Mr Tommy J became an uncle. Woo! Poor child though... He'll be going in for his first face tatt by the time he's 5. Oh dear!

Last weekend we opened the salon doors to our good mate Joel for his charity exhibition event. We took all the boards and posters down off the walls (what a task) so he could hang his prints up to sell and raise money. All in all it was a successful event. With close to 100 people coming through the space at any time, we realised the capacity the shop can actually hold! Scary stuff... Haha!

The Melbourne leg of Tattoo expo is next weekend! Whooah we're pumped. We've got a fresh batch of merch come through for the final leg of this year to hand out while we're down there so come grab some stuff from us at our stall! And come say hi to make us feel welcome too. This is the first time we're going to Melbourne as Hair By Tommy J and we're pretty excited. There are so many amazing tattoo artists going to this leg of the Aus Tattoo Expo to check out. It'd be a shame to miss it! If anyone wants to recommend places for us to check out, things to see and venues to drink at and catch a live band or 5, please swing them our way! We wanna have the whole Melbourne experience.

Tattoo expo will be our final event for this year as we focus more on getting as many rad clients in before Christmas as possible. So this blog may go a bit quiet as we try and smash out as many bookings as possible.

I read somewhere we only have 5 weeks till Christmas. Scary stuff huh! Hope you've all booked in for your Christmas appointments! We're booked solid today and our weekends are filling up so fast over the coming weeks. I can't stress enough the benefit of booking ahead for the festive season, to avoid disappointment. There is only so many cuts we can fit in to a day! And we're pushing our opening hours back in to the evenings to try and fit as many people in as possible. Give the shop a call to secure a booking. Even if it turns out you can't make it that day, it's better to have booked and cancelled than missed out all together! 

Also, just a reminder that a text message, Facebook message or Instagram comment regarding an appointment is NOT a booking guarantee. PLEASE call us to secure your appointment 100%

Stay rad err body.