Tattoo Expo, 6 Months in Asia Exhibition, New Merch etc

Hey guys!
Hope you've all had a rad week. Our book is filling up so quickly! Only 5 more weekends to go before we close for Christmas. Scary scary stuff! Where has the year gone... 

Tonight we're helping a mate out and opening the shop up to him for his exhibition called 6 Months in Asia. We are always happy to open the shop doors for exhibitions and party's like this if it can help out a mate or an artist for a good cause.  His name is Joel Pratley. Check it. Doors are at 7pm and it's BYO. Come party.

I'm going to take this opportunity to say thanks to you all that have made the effort to make AJ and Matt as welcome as possible. AJ has got nearly all her clients making follow up appointments before Xmas and as well as Matt. It's a great feeling to see you guys opening up to having a different barber caress your tresses. It can be risky business! But we wouldn't have them here if they weren't up to the man Tommy J's standard. 

To anyone that's been in through the shop recently, you may have noticed a few new products from Uppercut. They've now stocked us up with a few little 'gift' packs, some containing a tin of uppercut shave cream/aftershave moisturiser, a comb and/or shampoo and conditioner. They've also released a soap bar! The soap is great. It is based on goat milk and is fragrance free, being someone who has fragile skin I can appreciate the love that has gone in to making it suitable for sensitive skin :) the gift packs have been going like hot cakes! Great little Christmas presents for someone special, or just as a treat for yourself! And incredibly reasonably priced. So pop in today and grab one before we sell out!

I totally dig the Mo wax! If I had a mo, I'd be rocking the slickest curls, I guarantee it! 
It's been great to see dudes come through the shop rocking their Movember efforts with style and pride, no matter how seedy or glorious.

Dino ate a pug last night too... That was fun. 

As for Tattoo Expo, we're at two weeks and counting! Just a reminder to everyone who may be coming down to see us there, tickets are $5 cheaper than on the door if purchased beforehand through their website. That's $5 extra spending money! 

Also, if you follow us on Instagram you would have seen that we've had our new logo screen printed. Come grab one before they all go at Tattoo Expo!

Until next time... Stay looking sharp.