Thankyou All!

There comes a time in everyone's life where you'll find yourself having one of those sappy moments where you reminisce on the good times, the bad times and the down right seedy times... Sometimes (most times) its brought on by a big night on the booze the night before. Seeing all you cool cats repping our Tee's and risking your beautiful faces by slapping an adhesive sticker on a bearded man has made us realise, that we dig every single one of you guys, and without you we wouldn't be where we are today. So here's a big Thankyou to all of you that make this possible for us. 


Big things have been in the works for us recently. Following a very successful meeting with the crew from Sailor Jerry, We're soooo stoked to be announcing that we've got some excellent plans in the making. We can't give too much away right now, but we'll be sure to keep you all posted in the near future!

Everyones got a Towny story. Its always there looking out for you. Its there with open doors when no one else will take you in, its there holding your hair back when you're vomiting in the gutter outside, And its the only pub in Newtown that won't let you in for being too sober. You'll be guaranteed a deafening ring in your ears after seeing a band that blows out the laws of sound, or no memory of being there at all.Last night Pat Capocci played a staggering 4 hour set to an audience of oldschool rockabilly swingin' cats, both young and old. We take our hats off to anyone who can for starters, play three sets over four hours, and secondly, get a a crowd of people both young and old, swinging and dancing and shaking for every single song. If you havent already, check him out. They play so regularly you'll never have an excuse to not catch them at your local venue.

Check him out Here.

In other news... the July task for Chop and Run has been going off! We ran out of stickers within the first week and recieved so many photos of glorious beards being whacked with our stickers. Firstly, congratulations on not getting your face wrecked as you slapped said beards...Its risky business hitting an adhesive on such delicate facial hair. Secondly, you've only got 4 days to get your free snip in for putting your balls on the line. Call the shop or pop in and say hey and book in your chop!!