Black Cherry, Barebones and More!

A busy couple of weeks at Hair by Tommy J!

We were given the amazing priveledge to guest spot up at Barebones in Brisbane! Wow, what a bunch of rad people.

We got to catch up with Frazier who had a broken ankle (from skating, haha!) Hope you're feeling better! Man up, my girlfriend is more hardcore than you.

We also got to catch up with Luke and Steve and Kira from Uppercut, so good to see you guys again! Its been too long.

All in all, it was fucken  rad to work in the shop.. Everyone made me feel at home and super comfortable, it felt like just another day at work.

Thanks for having us guys, Rad.

In Local news, Povie is doing some excellent pinstripingon Jenny! He's also doing a sign at King St Laser. This kid is effing rad, if anyone needs signwriting or shop front illustration, hit him up! He's up and coming!

Check out his site Here

Melissa Jayne Wylie, Songs from the shower, is an amazingly gifted friend of ours. A modern talent with a 90's twist, with the soul of Chrissy Amphlett, It was a breath of fresh air to see an incredibly talented friend with a powerful voice sit in front of a mic with a guitar and a shower curtain and sing from the heart.

Check her work out Here

Also, we think we've found our new favourite Sydney band! Fox Company, the headliners for the night, played the best renditions of Johnny Be Good that I've ever heard. Not to take away from their original tracks. They've got their own style going on. If Kiss, the Clash and Jerry Lee Lewis had an epic threesome, Fox Company would be their gnarly love child. Its been a long time since I've seen two consecutive acts that have both Radelated* me.

Have you ever had a woman using beer cans for rollers strutting around in a diamante dress tell you that you're the shittest crowd ever and that she's too pretty for you, all the while, swigging cheap wine from a bottle by the mouthful?

Well, be prepared to meet the infamous Lauren LaRouge tonight at Black Cherry as she dares you to question your values and your stiletto height. Amongst some hypnotizing and tantalizing burlesque performances, Jackson Firebird from Melbourne are gracing the stage supporting Regular John. A night not to be missed!

Fun Barbering Fact:
  1.                "The barber was paid higher than the surgeon until surgeons were entered into British war ships during its many naval wars."

* Tommy's definition: Radelated; to have your hair stand up on the back of your neck, for your head to be thrown into an uncontrollable banging motion and your foot commences to attempt to slam through a concrete floor as the music takes over.