Chop and Run Rules.

The Rules!

     1. Keep it legal! We do not condone any of these actions. If you get arrested sticker bombing a police car its your own stupid fault. We’re not asking you to break the law, but how far would you push it?

     2. All photos/videos must involve you (everyone likes a selfie right?) These have to be posted on either the Hair by Tommy J Facebook page or linked on our Instagram @hairbytommyj

       3. You must have the photo with you when you come in to claim your free cut/shave/tin. Don’t come in and tell us ‘its on the blog’ Bring evidence!

        4. Keep track of all your completed tasks! Remember if you complete all 12, theres a huge prize involved!

     5.  Only one free cut per person. So, if a group of you want to do a task together, only one of you is to be nominated for the prize.

       6. No rainchecks!

       7. And finally, as rad as it would be to skydive while shaving, we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. If you want to jump off buildings wearing Guys and Dolls tee’s, please do at your own risk.