A Long Awaited Update!

Wow... Lots has happened in the past two weeks! 
Tommy J has had some time off for his ankle surgery (skating injury, so rad!)
This has given us some time to relaunch what we're all about.

We've come back with a whole new image. No longer will we be doing colours, or long hair styles. For all you rad guys and dolls looking for that greased up, slicked back, high and tight, side parted, pomped forward, quiffed to the max, with a shiny red cherry on top, and a straight razor to your neck, look no further! This is the service we will provide for you.

Our appointment book is filling up pretty fast, and we feel that this is a good time to mention to our clients to PLEASE CALL. Emails/facebook/instagram/text messages arent always answered and therefore are NOT a guaranteed way of making a booking. If you rock up claiming that you 'sent a text asking for an appointment' and we haven't got you in the book, don't be disgruntled if we can't fit you in. Please call! And if we don't answer, leave a voicemail. We'll always strive to get back to you if you leave a voice message.

Be old school, and pick up the phone to call, or be really old fashioned, and pop in to the salon for a good old yarn! 

If you have made an appointment, don't ever hesitate to call ahead just to confirm your appointment, especially if it was made a month in advance. We will strive to call you first, but we love to hear from you guys, so calling us is never a bad thing :)

Now, with all that fun stuff out of the way, we also just wanted to mention that we always welcome creatives who would like to use the salon in their photoshoot/videoclip/porno (the last one is a joke guys, no really...)
Here are some shots from the latest shoot here at the Salon. Enjoy!